Jesus loves you
All Blessings and Peace Profound




Our prayer group is non-denominational so you can believe in any higher power (or not) as you wish. 
It makes no difference at all what anyone believes, or even mistakes we make, as we are working with loving energy.
What we are doing is taking a moment each day and sending healing energy (you can also call it prayers, or kind thoughts) to a person we only identify by first name. 
They remain otherwise anonymous. 

If they wish they can put things on their webpage, we will help them do this, but it is not necessary for them to do anything except to accept the healing love energy we are sending if they choose to accept this. 
They have enough to concentrate on just to try to feel a little bit better.

Anyone who wishes may request that we add a first name of another person to our prayer group, we will make a single webpage for them to add to and they can help make the webpage if they want. 
There are many that benefit from this.  All directly linking with others all over the world in a magical way using the Internet connection for a very higher purpose.

We have many groups all over the world that are participating from a few people to millions
(when our monk friend Bhikkhu Buddah Dhatu is in India  - over one million people come to see him - see if you are curious about what he is doing).

It is a fact of reality that everything created in this world is first a thought before it becomes anything else.

When we, as a group, already think that the thought is the reality, as if it already is true, it becomes true.

If a person is teaching themselves a karmic lesson they will go through many very difficult things necessary to learn what they need to learn.

If they are asking by their illness, if we, as the great human family, have compassion and love them, we show them that strangers love them very much,
so much love that they think about them once per day, even they are not of the same religion, not in the same country and do not know anything more than just their first name.

We are the co-creators of miracles. and the Willivision Foundation is now dedicated to this purpose.

All  Blessings and Peace Profound,


We are creating miracles - pass it on.